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I fake like flowers
Blinds blinds blinds, love it #blinds #white #obsessed #sexy #discreet #hands
adore that pair of hands…  
Hands are my freaking g spot
I’ve decide to paint my nails different colour each hand so when I do this, it feels like Im holding someone. How is that for ll the single ladies? 
My hands obsession - 2
It’s a thing I have since I was 13 i think. There was this girl in my class. She’s barely pretty (not to be harsh at all) but she had a pair of hands that i couldn’t take my eyes off. Then I fall in love with a vocalist from japan, also barely considered good looking but beautiful hands holding the stage and the microphone. My best friend for 10+ years who has a pair of very banded long soft fingers that I have never seen the same. 
Hands hands… they tell ones talents and personality too much. Lips are contrived, eyes could be intimidating. But the hands. They are part of someone that I felt I can trust. They are often that of someone I can’t forget.
This reminded me of an old project I was wanting to do. It was about holding hands. Once a while I remember the feelings I wanted to tell, but could never find a way to express its power. Not a hug or a kiss, just palm against palm.
So I was reading a email from my long distance boyfriend at the time telling me that he had  met someone else. I was lying in bed with my ex who I cheated on him with. My tear was running like tap as if it’ll never stop and it didn’t for the whole night. My ex was sitting on the other side of the bed reading a brick like book on Lacan and holding my hand with his spare one. No word was said and I did not read that email again after almost 3 years later.